Gorgeous baby girl

This gorgeous baby girl came to me at 6 weeks and even though it is a bit late for newborn posing, I managed to photograph her in the tushie up pose and got lots of other cute awake shots! She and her brother are the most gorgeous children and I just love how different they look! One has a beautiful mocha skin and brown eyes, the other gorgeous blue eyes and milky skin! How fun! Of course when you see mama you understand how they get their beauty!! What a beautiful mom! Both parents are just so gorgeous and I really have enjoyed photographing them these last few years…including their maternity sessions and their baby boy session! I should one day write a post with their photos over the years. My newborn sessions are always baby led and each one is unique. I go with the flow and what baby likes and make sure baby is comfortable , some babies might not like some poses. Some babies are more awake, especially as they get older and we get those cute bright eyed shots! That is probably my favorite aspect of newborn photography, no baby is alike and each session is so magical and different, I never know what I will create at the end and babies always surprise me, they already have their personality. It is such a gift to photograph them and they continue to marvel me session after session.  After photographing baby on the bean bag, I always …


Sweet baby Lyla, she was so very cuddly and mellow with the most beautiful skin. I had so much fun creating this roses set up for her! She came in at just 10 days of age, I had photographed her sister and it was fun to see how different she was from her, yet you could tell they were sisters.