baby photographer SC :  covid-19 precautions and adjustments

Baby Photographer SC:  Updated policies, precautions and adjustments to shooting both in studio and on location in the coming months ahead:
  • I am quarantining myself with my family and taking my temperature each day
  • I am wearing a mask at all times in the studio and outdoors
  • Like always I constantly wash my hands and sanitize with anti bacterial gel, on location I sanitize my hands regularly.
  • I sanitize everything including anything that touches baby before and after each session.
  • I am limiting my sessions and only do one session per day. In the studio I am only doing one session every other day at most and disinfecting everything in between.
  • I take my clients temperature when they arrive and have them take off their shoes at the door and ask them to wash their hands
  • On location I ask my clients to take their temperature before coming
  • I only allow parents and siblings in the studio
  • I am only shooting with a long lens outside and if my clients are ok with it I can shoot with a medium lens while mantaining at least 6 feet.